Dr. Kristina Kiisa

Specialist of Dental Implantology

    • 1995 graduated  from Karolinska Institute, Sweden
    • 1995-1998 dentist in Stockholm, Sweden
    • 1998-2000 dentist in Valdur Viikmann dental clinic, Estonia
    • Since 2000 dentist and owner of Kristina Kiisa Hambaravi dental clinic, Estonia
    • 2010-2012 Specialist training in dental implantology in J.W.Göthe University, Frankfurt, Germany

Estonian, Swedish,English, French, Spanish and Russian language

Extrajob: EU election observer in Latin-America, Asia and Africa

Dr. Ove Teemant


    • 1992 graduated from Taru University, Estonia
    • Since 1992 works as general dentist in Tallinn
    • Extra courses in Germany and Finland
    • Speaks Estonian, Russian, Finnish and English

Mobile phone: +372 5106688